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Why is my Adobe CS4 license invalid? august 12, 2009

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adobe_color_wheelToday`s note in Mariesme is a cry for help! My wonderful boss ordered the legitimate versions of the new CS4 Design-package. Thus, I jumped to my computer as soon as the license arrived in my inbox, and downloaded the programs they sent me a link for. Unfortunately, way too many weeks and extreme amounts of support calls and later, I have had to install/reinstall the programs around 30 times and the license is always just as invalid. Adobe is unable to delete the license and hand me a new one as this is basically impossible, and instead they keep closing my case/not answering my calls/e-mails, or sending the case on to the next line of support abroad –  needless to say without finding the reason for the license to turn out invalid as they have checked it hundreds of times and in their system it turns up valid… I am unable to do any graphic work! I have a brand new HP, there  should be no firewall issues,  it is online, I have contact with Adobe`s servers…

Adobe`s service note on the topic does not tell me what to do, so please; ANYONE WHO HAS ANY IDEA HOW THIS CAN BE FIXED?


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